Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Microblading Technician

Since 2017, microblading has gone mainstream mainly due to the fact that social media has increased the hype of #browsonfleek.

Nowadays, it’s commonplace to see pictures of women and men with beautifully made-up eyebrows on Instagram and Facebook. And a lot of these people have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on eyebrow products, including brow pencils, pens, pomades, powders, and gels. These cosmetic products can go from less than $5 to almost $50.

Although some of these products do last for a few months to a year, once you’ve hit the pan on a pomade or powder or have used up a brow pencil or gel, you’ll surely need to spend another $5 to $50 for a replacement or refill. If you sum it all up, you could be spending hundreds of dollars and hours in fixing your eyebrows in a year.

A revolutionary eyebrow solution

People can and will afford to buy countless numbers of brow products in a year just to achieve the #browsonfleek look. But drawing your eyebrows on a daily basis can be tedious and, well, unnecessary. Especially when you can have perfectly shaped brows for a much longer time.


Thanks to the invention of microblading, people can wake up in the morning with already beautifully made-up brows.

Fantastic, right?

Why microblading has gone mainstream

For one, it’s durable. It doesn’t smudge or budge even while you’re sweating like crazy under the heat of the sun. Even when you’re swimming or taking a shower, nothing will ruin your on-fleek brows.

Another reason why microblading is so popular is that it’s low maintenance. Unlike eyebrow products that need to be constantly retouched in a day, microbladed brows don’t need any of that. 1 appointment to the technician after you’ve had microblading to check if your brows are healing properly is all that’s needed to make sure those arches are on point.

Microblading is also a non-invasive solution, which means that it doesn’t require a long recovery period. It’s also safer than tattoos. Aside from that, your brows will be fully healed in just a few days so you can take them out for a spin almost immediately.