Permanent Eyeliner: Is It Good or Bad?

For a lot of women, as well as men, their daily skincare and makeup routine and getting ready to go out can take 30 minutes to 1 hour (2 hours for some, even). Some would rather be caught dead than be seen in public without any makeup on. This has become an ongoing trend ever since makeup videos and photos have proliferated in social media.

As more and more people are posting photos of their perfectly made-up faces on social media, the demand for better makeup products have also increased in recent years.

However, no matter how expensive a cosmetic product may be, it still wouldn’t stay on forever. At the end of the day, you’re still going to wipe it off your face and do it all over again the following morning.

Permanent makeup: the next best thing

There is an ever-increasing demand for makeup products that last for a long time. But these are only temporary.

Imagine not spending another 30 minutes just to perfect your winged eyeliner, put on lipstick, or blend your foundation and concealer so as to look incredible in your Instagram photos. Wouldn’t that spare you some time to do more important things, like jog for 30 minutes, get an extra cup of coffee or enjoy a bowl of fruits and cereal?

If you’d rather spend a few minutes of your time tending to other important matters instead of doing your face before going out, then getting permanent makeup from an artist that has taken microblading courses may be your best bet.

Permanent eyeliner: pros and cons

What’s one thing that a lot of people have a problem with when doing their own makeup? It’s being able to put on eyeliner to achieve a fuller lash line look. The problem is that not everyone is gifted to have steady hands that can perfectly draw on their lash line and not look like a panda. If you’re having this issue too, then you should definitely consider getting permanent eyeliner from someone who’s studied cosmetic tattoo.

Permanent eyeliner is the process of pushing color into the lash line to darken it and make it sweat-proof and moisture-resistant. This is done by someone who is licensed and has attended a permanent makeup or microblading school. And it is perfect for those who have a hard time putting on eyeliner, don’t have time to do so, or have super oily eyelids.