Permanent Cosmetics Training Is A Life Changing Skill To Learn

After becoming a successful entrepreneur in the permanent makeup business, 43-year-old Laurie Stanton thought of imparting her knowledge to other people. She has been sharing her skills in microblading and permanent makeup to beauty professionals who wish to improve their career and become better in their respective businesses. She has been in the industry for 20 years and is known to be one of the best microblading artists in Los Angeles.

Laurie is not only great in permanent makeup artistry, but she also excels as a businesswoman. She is a good friend of mine, and I had the opportunity to chat with her and ask how she managed to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. She shared effective tips on how she was able to earn over $100,000 and hopefully, you'll be able to apply them in your own business and be as successful as she is.

1. Undergo training and acquire a permanent cosmetic certification

"Of course, I learned and developed my craft the hard way," Laurie shared. She encourages makeup artists and those who wish to have the same career as her to undergo microblading training and practice on a regular basis. Whether you want to focus on permanent eyebrows, eyeliners, or lips, you have to practice and practice until you become comfortable and confident in doing the treatment. There is no other way. And if you feel like you're not improving, then you should seek advice from your trainer. You can also opt for advanced courses or take extra classes to keep up with the pace.

Aside from training and taking classes, Laurie also stressed to choose the right microblading school where you can acquire certification. When you have a permanent makeup artistry certificate, it means that you have the skills to beautify someone's face, and you are ready to establish your own beauty business. The certificate proves you have the proper training, and it's one of the best ways to get your clients to trust you. It also serves as support from the school, which can testify your abilities in permanent makeup, helping your business to thrive in the industry. "It's going to cost when you go for the training, but you get more than what you pay for," she said.

2. Participate in ongoing training

You are right. It's another way to spend your money, but Laurie pointed out that permanent makeup artistry is a beauty trend. It evolves from time to time, and you have to learn additional makeup techniques. "You can't stick to one method, especially when you're doing business. You have to be open to new ideas and innovate your skills to gain more customers and expand your business," she shared. These techniques include the ombre brow, permanent lips, permanent eye liners, as well as permanent blushes. And if you learn how to do 6d microblading, you'd probably own one of the best microblading Los Angeles.

Once you have learned new techniques, you can use them to market your services. "If you notice, when there is something new in the business, people become interested, and they try them out themselves. It's the same when you have a new beauty service to offer - it grabs attention," Laurie explained. She further said that it would be helpful to set up a social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) and use it to promote your business and announce your latest offerings. "People who are interested in makeup are always online. They look up beauty trends and watch makeup tutorials for their interest," she said. If you want to reach more prospects, get those social media accounts live. When you're established online, you will know how to market yourself in microblading makeup classes.

3. Invest in a budget-friendly space or rent a space

"One of the riskiest yet best decisions I've made in the business is to get my own space. Risky because it costed a lot of money despite the low price, and there was no assurance of success; best because everything turned out the way I wanted," Laurie happily shared.

Having your own space where you can do your beauty services is a good start in growing your microblading business. You can't cramp your clients at your house. It's nice to have a place where your clients are comfortable while waiting for their turn. More importantly, having your business space makes it more convenient for you to do microblading and other permanent makeup artistries. Laurie did point out that it's going to be a risky investment, but she reiterated "if you're confident with your skills, and you know how to market, then things will go your way."

4. Be humble and learn to turn down request politely

Lastly, and perhaps, a very important factor in gaining success is to be humble and learn to be polite in saying no. "When you become successful, it feels like you have everything. You are rich, and everybody wants to avail your services. When that happens, always remain grounded. People don't like hotshots," Laurie said. And when you're fully booked or too tired to work, there is nothing wrong if you say no. Just make sure you give clear explanations while being polite.

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