Microblading Safety and Aftercare: 7 Tips That You Need to Know

What if you could have perfect looking eyebrows for the next 1-2 years? No more filling them in, no more trying to draw them on every day. 

Just wake up and be ready to go. Microblading is a beauty trend that has suddenly grown in popularity in recent years. But for every great set of brows, there is a woman with less than stellar results. 

Following the microblading safety and aftercare to the T is vital. Women should follow these five tips to ensure their new microblade brows heal and look fantastic. 

1. Keep Them Clean 

For the first ten days after your appointment, you need to do everything you can to keep your new brows clean. This is how you can avoid getting an infection. 

Gently wash daily to remove bacteria and product build up. Don’t worry this will not pull pigment from your new brows. Be sure to not over-apply aftercare ointment, as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing. The product should be barely noticeable. 

Make sure you take your shower carefully so that you don't stick your new brows under the stream of water. You'll also need to wash your hair carefully. 

To be safe, carry a clean paper towel with you wherever you go. That way you can pat them dry if they do get moist. 

microblading after care
proper microblading aftercare

2. Blotting Paper Is Your Friend