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Take that all-important step for your career by enrolling in Vanity Pro microblading classes. Invest in this microblading training and certification program and reap the rewards with the potential to increase your annual income. Choosing the right microblading training and certification program is crucial to your success as a professional.

4-Day Microblading Certification Class

The Vanity Pro 4-day Microblading Certification Class focuses on the highest-quality standards. The primary goal of the program is to teach students how to create stunning, natural looking eyebrows. We equip students with proper skills and knowledge, giving them the confidence that they need to perform microblading procedures to clients. With this worthwhile investment, our students will have the opportunity to have a lucrative career in the permanent makeup industry.

Student Benefits:

- Quality training

Quality training is guaranteed, as we ensure that classes are taught by experienced trainers with full credentials. During the training sessions, instructors make sure that all students absorb all the important details.

- Dedicated instructors

Our instructors are dedicated to learning the latest microblading techniques and passing them on to the students. They are always on the lookout for updates in the industry so that they can share them in their classes.

- Latest Innovation in the Industry

The microblading industry is rapidly growing and we strive to keep pace with the latest trends, including the most innovative methods and products. We are also always on the lookout for the latest regulations and certifications in the U.S. and abroad.

- Compliance Standards

We teach our students to comply with standards set by the state. Each state has different standards and licensing procedures. There are certain rules and regulations that they need to comply with, and these will be taught to them.

- Hands-on training

One of the most important areas of microblading training is practice. Students will have the opportunity to do practical, hands-on training with a live model. Aside from comprehensive lectures, we allow students to perform the actual skill with proper guidance from instructors.

- Best practices

During our sessions, we provide essential information to students, particularly best practices in the microblading industry. We waste no time in teaching students all the important things that they need to learn.

- Cutting-Edge Facilities

Students will learn in an environment with cutting-edge facilities. The facility is approved by the Department of Health, which means it is sanitary and the quality of the equipment and tools are deemed acceptable to provide services to clients.

- Approved Curriculum

Our microblading training program has a comprehensive curriculum that is approved by the California Board of Education.


· Introduction to Permanent Makeup

· Color Theory

· Pigment Selection

· Business and Marketing

· Skin Anatomy

· Safety and Sanitation

· Client Consultation and Profiling

· Brow Artistry – including measuring and drawing eyebrows and practicing hair strokes

· Microblading Procedures – including microblading over scars and common microblading mistakes

· 7 Microblading Techniques – including feathered natural hair strokes, powdered ombre, fully powdered brow, horizontal ombre, and more

After-Training Services

Our commitment to our students extends beyond their training program. Being fully aware that this training is a valuable investment, we will help you grow in your new investment. When you start practicing your new skills, Vanity Pro can assist you with the following:

- Unlimited refresher course

- Free Professional Assistants for your first few clients

- Free Suite Rental for the first 3 months of your business

- Lifetime Support

- $20 chair or suite rentals

- $500 discount on advanced courses

Advanced Training Courses

Our students’ professional growth is valuable to us. Vanity Pro offers advanced classes to students who have mastered microblading basics. This is 4-day class is not recommended for beginners. Designed for people who are already experienced in microblading, this course focuses on two areas:

(1) Microblading techniques using a digital rotary machine

The basics of microblading require practitioners to use a manual tool. If an individual has already mastered this manual tool, they are ready to move on to the next level by using a digital rotary machine.

The student will learn the following:

- Creating natural looking eyebrows using a digital rotary machine

- Improving shading skills and reducing shading time

- Knowing and understanding the benefits of manual vs. machine microblading

(2) Cosmetic tattoo removal

There are clients who change their minds and want their cosmetic tattoo removed. This Saline Tattoo removal is a process that uses a salt solution to safely and effectively remove permanent makeup and even body tattoos. This process is slower and does not require medical training.

The student will learn the following:

- Safely removing a cosmetic tattoo using a digital rotary machine

- Knowing and understanding industry rules and regulations

- Knowing Tattoo safety/Occupational and Safety Hazards Administration (OSHA) Guidelines

- Effectively using anesthetics

- Providing post-procedure and home care for the patient