How To Make Over $100,000/Year Working 4 Days A Week Microblading

There are many students who want to learn the art of permanent makeup, hoping to acquire a professional career from it.

With that said, one of the most untapped beauty services is microblading or the process of tattooing eyebrows for a better-looking brow feature. While many beauty professionals provide various cosmetic treatments, artists who do microblading are on a higher pedestal in terms of the income they earn in doing applying their skills.

Although it does not need intensive training like cosmetologists and aestheticians have to undergo, microblading artists have the potential to earn more money. Sounds interesting, right? You may wonder how much does being a microblading professional cost?

The truth is that it depends on several factors. These include the location, the number of clients artists can get, the number of hours they spend working, and the quality of service they provide. There are even cases when microblading artists earn a 6-figure income in a year. But to give you an idea of how much microblading artist earn within a year, these rough estimations will help you understand.

Microblading Artists’ Annual Income

With so many people who want to have eyebrows on fleek, microblading has definitely become a lucrative business. However, not all beauty professionals know about it. If that's the case, how much do I charge for microblading services?

A lot of clients would be willing to spend on a premium microblading cost in exchange for a well-executed shaping of the eyebrows. The typical price can range from $250 to $1000 per session, but the actual cost depends on the factors (the ones mentioned above). The service cost is inarguably big, but it varies in most cases.

Considering the amount that a client is willing to spend for one session and the number of hours to complete the job (two hours on average), it implies that an artist earns $125 to $500 an hour. To get the profit, just deduct the cost of supplies (inks, sanitized needles, wipes, and others) used during the whole procedure. So how much are microblading supplies then? It's around $100, which is fairly cheap.

*assuming that you have four clients a day and you work four days

(4*250) - 100 = 900 (4*1000) - 100 = 3,000

900*4 = 3,600 3,000*4 = 12,000 *4 is the number of working days

3,600*52 = 187,200 12,000*52 = 624,000 *52 is the number of weeks in a year

Looking at the figures, a microblading artist can earn around $187,200 to $624,000 a year.

But of course, the computation doesn’t include other expenses needed in the business, and it’s with the assumption that an artist gets a regular number of customers every working day. But if you deduct those expenses from the annual earnings, it would still yield a 6-figure income. No bad, right?

There are other things that can affect the yearly profit of a microblading artist. Some of them are the following:

• bulk supplies or individual packe