How To Find Training In Permanent Makeup

If you have always dreamed of having a professional career in the makeup industry, then it is imperative to choose the right training school. It’s the perfect venue to learn and develop your skills as a makeup artist and use what you’ve learned to earn a decent living. But with so many makeup training institutions today, it will not be an easy task to find the best one.

Factors to Consider

There are different schools that offer permanent makeup, advanced microblading, eyelash extension, and all courses related to makeup. So how do you choose the right training school for your makeup education? Here are significant factors that you should consider.

Classes Offered

When choosing a school, it is important to know the courses being offered to you. The art of permanent makeup is constantly changing, and many schools find it difficult to keep up with the changes. Look for classes that offer advanced microblading, feathering, ombre, and micropigmentation. These are just a few of the most updated techniques that many semi permanent, permanent, and microblading makeup artists are looking for. It is best to avoid schools that fail to offer those significant classes in makeup artistry.

Try to look at the curriculum as well. It should include the topic on how to apply permanent lips and eyeliner, as well as discussions on color blending, pigment, skin structure, maintenance, health considerations, sterilization, and tool operation.

If you’re into microblading, the topics offered should include how to identify the right brow shape, define the brow angle, learn how to make eyebrows symmetrical, and perform pigment retention procedures. Additionally, you should also learn how to properly stretch the skin when doing the strokes and select the right color based on the client's natural brow color and skin complexion.


Of course, the prices of the classes should also be one of the factors in finding a permanent makeup training school. You have to work within your budget, but you have to make sure that you still get the best value for the amount of money you spend. Schools for permanent makeup artistry can really be expensive. However, it will surely be a good investment once you apply the skills in your future business. Don't go for the cheapest options; go for reasonable prices but guaranteed learning.

Ask the following questions

How many students are enrolled in the course? If the number goes beyond 12, then it's going to eat a lot of the instructor's time to teach the students. Fewer students in the class will mean more hands-on and personalized instructions for you.