Debunking The Online Microblading Class Myths

The demand for permanent makeup has surged in recent years. Millions of people have embraced the idea of waking up with full-face makeup on. Hence, the viral hashtag “I woke up like this” became quite popular.

Permanent makeup has gone mainstream in recent years because who wouldn’t want to wake up looking like you’re already dolled up for the day, right?

Microblading, for instance, saves men and women a lot of time on doing their brows to achieve the on-fleek brows look. Similarly, permanent eyeliner and lipstick will allow people to have a pair of perfectly drawn winged eyes and red pouty lips minus the extra effort.

Permanent makeup procedures, like microblading, give people the freedom to do other important things rather than spend a lot of their time doing their makeup. This is why the permanent makeup industry continues to grow exponentially. No wonder a career in microblading or other permanent makeup is a lucrative one.

Taking microblading classes

The first step you need to take in your microblading journey is to undergo proper training. Once you have obtained a certificate, you can then be eligible to apply for your Body Art Practitioner Permit and operate as a microblading artist.

Before you can turn this high-income profession into your career, you must first choose where to study microblading. Would you go for live microblading training or online microblading classes?

What is online microblading training?

Also referred to as virtual microblading, online training for microblading is a structured training course for beginners. Those who choose the online setup will rely solely on themselves and the materials provided to them. These include guides, audio files, and videos that will provide them with the basics of online microblading classes.

One advantage of taking microblading classes online is that students have the freedom to choose their own timeframe in which to complete the course.